THE WEE velcro cable ties I ordered from Amazon yesterday arrive. Just £6.99 including next day deliver for 50 of ’em. Don’t know how they do it.

So, before I hit the office I tackle the tangle of plugs, cables, power supplies etc lurking behind the telly. What a difference!

I have a radio phoner interview with Shazar Khan for his show on Glasgow City Radio at midday so I keep the phone line clear. A couple of minutes before noon the phone rings and we do the interview.

After messing with the guitar a little I hit the studio and check the Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries I bought will work OK with my guitar radio pack. They do 🙂

Another thing I need to sort out is a power supply for the pedalboard. At the moment there two things needing plugged in which is (a) a pain in the ass and (b) a tangled mess in the already cramped case. I reckon I need a box with a hard-wired IEC plug for the Fractal AX8 and a 9v DC output for the (relatively) new wireless receiver needs. I measure things up and send a note and some sketches to Richard at Circuit Innovations who’s made custom power supplies for me in the past. Hopefully my idea is do-able.

There’s poster art to be done for the USA shows at the end of January into February so I get busy knocklng up artwork and sending it off. Need to do some for the upcoming Scottish dates too.

Margaret arrives home with the Christmas food shopping. Jeez. You’d think the shops were gonna be closed for a month.

I make a green curry for dinner and, for a change, a I use prawns instead of chicken or tofu. Works a treat 🙂