Songwriters’ circle at thew Hug & Pint: Andy McBride, Katie Kross and Mick Hargan

WHILE Margaret sorts breakfast I dig out the ladders and fix the outside light that’s been playing up the last few days.

Next job for me is to finish the posters for the Scottish shows with my pal Andres – and I also need to source some wedding music for Catriona and Will.

I’m halfway through when someone appears at the office door…I kinda recognise him as a local, but can’t quite place him,. Anyway, he’s been sent in my direction to seek help in sorting out a load of computer and internet problems. It seems pretty urgent, but we’re about to leave to go to Catriona and Will’s so I offer to pop up and try and sort things out tomorrow (Sunday).

The poster art is done by the time we need to leave, but the music’s not finished..that’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow.

We have a lovely few hours with Catriona, Will, Freya and a bunch of other folks then we head into Glasgow – our pal Mick Hargan gave us tickets for his songwriters’ circle show when he cam along to my King Tut’s show last month.

The gig’s at the Hug & Pint and we have an enjoyable few hours there before making it home just after midnight.