Christmas livestream…apologies for the awful sound at the beginning…it’s sorted out at 3’22″…!

THERE’S a load of tidying up and prep to get through today.

Plus, I have to go up the road and see if I can help sort out some computer/IT issues for someone. Need it like a hole in the head, but they need help now!

It’s mid-afternoon before I’m back home and we start sorting out stuff for the Christmas livestream on my Facebook page before Lesley arrives. All the mic levels and connections seem to be fine for an 8pm go-live.

We have have coffee and cake when Lesley arrives, then she and Margaret get a big ham on the go for dinner.

At 7.30pm we start setting up for the livestream and go live right on 8pm. Of course, it never goes smoothly…for although we seem to have a pretty stable connection this time, we’re alerted by some viewers that the sound is all screwed up. It’s a quick fix to unplug the external mics and use the iPhone’s own microphone but I’m at a loss as to how all was fine on the test streams earlier…no settings were changed.

Anyway, it all goes fine and we run for a good 40-minutes or so of live tunes and chat.

By the time I’ve tidied everything up dinner’s ready so we eat then settle down and watch some telly…ahhhhhhh….