THERE’S a few delicate heads, but scrambled egg on toast with Scotch Bonnet and papaya hot sauce sorts that out 🙂

There’s a bit of tidying up to do then I get busy making the cherry stuffing. It’s a pretty involved process and is probably the singularly most time-consuming element of the Christmas dinner…the turkey’ll take a good four or five hours on the smoker but it won’t need constant attention.

Catriona arrives with Freya when I’m mid-way through – then Betty drops in, so I stop and have a coffee with them before finishing off the stuffing. It’s looking good (maybe my best effort yet?), but difficult to tell until it’s cooked – and tasted.

We have one lone Christmas card left to be delivered. I’d hoped to get out for a walk and drop it off, but the stuffing took longer than I expected and it’s dark and cold out there. I jump in the car and drop the card off.

I’m not long back when Mikey arrives and we crack open a few beers and have dinner.

We’re still round the table when Matty rolls up just after 10pm, so the party continues….