It’s fine when Freya gets a good clump and tugs…but when she pulls ’em one by one it hurst!

CATRIONA and Will have had a bit of a restless night so we take Freya for a wee while…and she spends the next hour or so pulling out my beard hairs!

We all have breakfast then Catriona, Will and Freya head off, Matty goes out for a run and Mikey a walk…I’ve got too much stuff needing done to go a walk 🙁

I even manage into the studio to tidy up a little and play some banjo and a bit of lap steel.

Matty packs up late afternoon and we hang out a while before round two of Christmas dinner. The turkey, stuffing and chipolatas are all still in good shape.

After dinner Margaret, Les, Mikey and I veg in front of the telly. I’m first to bail around 11pm – my eyes are closing and I don’t wanna fall asleep in front of the telly!