Catriona and Will 🙂

WE’RE all up early at Catriona and Will’s. After breakfast Margaret goes to get her hair and makeup done…then Catriona goes for her appointment.

Will and I hang out then he goes off to the hotel in Bridge of Allan and I get some PR work done on the USA shows.

Margaret gets back, followed by Catriona and we all start getting ready for the wedding.

I drive Catriona, Freya and Margaret to the registrar’s in Stirling and we get there with five minutes to spare. Most of the guests are already there and half an our later Catriona and Will are husband and wife.

Next stop is a restaurant in Bridge of Allan where we all have drinks and then a lovely meal before walking down the hill to our hotel where celebrations continue into the wee hours. A fantastic day 🙂

Gillian, Viv, Catriona and Kirsteen