WE’RE up at a reasonable time and I’m getting some online work done while drinking coffee by the time Will comes downstairs followed a few minutes later by Catriona and Freya.

There’s a lot to do today so we don’t hang around too long and head for home via Tesco in Dunblane.

After a coupla rolls and sausage we nip along to Betty and Joe’s. We’ve got some tablet form the wedding for them and I’ve picked up a silicon keyboard cover for Joe’s laptop. Some of the keys on his keyboard are sticking or not working and the whole thing needs a clean. I get busy and then put on the keyboard cover which should prevent spillages, crumbs and other debris screwing up the keys in the future.

Back home I get the outside Christmas lights down and lay them out indoors to dry off.

Meantime – after researching the fault on our wee Sony RX100 compact camera – I start to dismantle the thing. Sure enough, when the back’s off, it works fine…but as soon as I pout it back together it won’t work. Seems to be a short circuit or fault in one of the wee ribbon cables.

It’s not worth spending money on a repair job – but the newer models of this camera are £700+, so I replace the back rather loosely and hope it’ll do us another wee while.

We roll up the various sets of lights to (hopefully!) avoid tangles then I help Margaret take down the rest of the Christmas decorations.

Next job is postcard artwork for the USA shows…the NAMM Show should give plenty opportunity to promote my LA gigs during and after. The artwork I’d hoped to use is no longer edited so it’s back to the drawing board.

After dinner we do some more tidying and have an early night. And an alcohol-free day!