I finish artwork for the promo postcards for the upcoming USA trip

I’M more than aware that I really need to focus on writing some new stuff this year.

That means putting some of the other things I’m busy with on hold – the G63.scot webzine, Loch Lomond Studios (photography) and a load of other stuff…I started all of them for the right reasons – to try and ensure some cash might come in when gigs/sales etc were low.

The reality, though, is that they don’t really bring anything to the table finance-wise and are a huge distraction and timesucker. I’m gonna have to be much more focussed and have a damn good reason to do anything that isn’t directly related to my music.

If it doesn’t have a definite outcome – or purpose – it’s not going on the list…for too long I’ve done stuff ‘because it might kinda help things in a roundabout way’.

So – by 11am I’m in the studio and at my ‘songwriting station’ in the live room. No distractions for the next two hours. Apart from having to go across to the house for a shit (there’s no toilet in the studio).

I manage to get the bones of something written down then it’s time for lunch and some of the other things that DO qualify to be on my to-do list. Some non-music things, if they’e gonna bring in a couple of quid will be allowed on there…but only if they come to me. I’m not gonna waste any more time pursuing these things.

Ironically in amongst it all I have a half-hour phone call with someone coming round tomorrow for some (paid for!) website help/training. Sounds mercenary – but my financial and mental well-being – as well as any musical progress – is at stake here.

I need to get shipping quotes for sending some merch/vinyl to the USA for the upcoming West Coast dates. It’s a pain but necessary..then I go out in the howling wind for a walk up the lochside.

Back home I get the fire lit and return to the office to finalise artwork for the promo postcards for the USA trip. Once done I go online to order.

Up ’til now I’ve had to get someone in the USA to order print as it’s impossible to do so from overseas using a credit/debit card…or even paypal. Now I have a US bank account I’m curious to see if I can do it. The payment form says ‘credit card’ and I only have a debit card but I give it a whirl…and it works. Whoopee 🙂

It’s nearly 9pm when I go back into the house and make the corn tacos to go with our chilli and fixin’s…by accident I found that after pressing, the tacos should be cooked on a hot surface for 10 seconds on one side, flipped over for 50-60 seconds…then flipped back until they stop rising or collapse.

Rising? My tacos have never ‘risen’! I give the new technique a bash and wow…it works. Easily the best corn tacos I’ve made 🙂