I DROP Margaret off and set up temporary office in McDonalds until it’s time to hit the Soul Barber Room for a much-needed haircut.

There’s a few things I need to pick up but rather than go into town and pay for parking and hassle I head to The Fort where I get some of the stuff and pick up sandwich for lunch on the hoof.

Next it’s Tesco, Costco and SeeWoo before picking up Margaret. We drop some shopping off for Betty and Joe then, when we get home, I get some work done on the press/radio/media stuff for the upcoming USA shows.

Back in the house I make up a batch of bolognese and after eating we veg in front of the telly watching After the Screaming Stops – a documentary about 80s pop twins Bros. i didn’t much like them at the time and still don’t, but it makes for intersting viewing.