IT’S reasonable weather this morning and a reminder pops up in the diary to try and clear some more of the trees and bushes that are obscuring our view of the hill.

I cut back a lot of the trees and a few weeks ago, but there’s a wee stretch that need attention before the growing season (and leaves!) start. It takes me a good couple of hours of lopping and sawing and my arms are aching by the time I’m finished.

There’s a roast in the oven – we’ve got Betty, Joe, Martyn and Louise coming tonight and I’m keen for the beef to be on the rarer side of things, so stick one of my probes from the smoker in the meat.

I’ve been watching a projector on eBay for the last few weeks…it’s come down in price and is unlikely to last long, but at £70-odd it’s a bargain. And if it only works for one show at the hall it’s still cheaper – and less hassle – than hiring one. If it lasts longer it’s a bonus! I’m keen to try out some projection stuff at the show on 2 March.

In the studio I spend an hour or so going over the two potential new songs. If they shape up I’ll record some demos over the next week and see how that goes.

There’s still some time before our dinner guests arrive so I start wading through a bunch of PRS set list returns and show reports. I’ve bene putting it off for ages, so there’s a bit of catching up to do,

We have a couple fo drinks before dinner and Margaret’s nervous when we carve the beef. She’s not convinced removing it at 130 degrees internal (rising to 140 as it rest) is hot enough, but when It’s cut it’s perfect medium rare…