I get the guitar ready for some work but run out of time..another job being put off ’til tomorrow!

THE big box of t-shirts is in house for bagging…but it’s gonna have to wait – there’s some artwork, photo-retouching and web updates to be done for my pal Rab.

The image he’s sent for his new web banners is cool – but needs some delicate ‘cut out’ work whioch takes a while. You can see the resulting artwork at rabnoakes.com

Posters and flyers arrive for the upcoming Scottish shows…one of them has a wee typo but hopefully in-one will notice! Some of the local ones need laminating for outdoor noticeboards…hopefully I’ll find time to get ’em all up before we hit the USA.

The tuners/machineheads on one of my main touring guitars are loose – the screwholes are worn and it’s only the tension of the strings stopping things falling apart

Before tackling the guitar I need to clear a worksurface – and the only one is covered in bottletops waiting for magnets or badge pins to be attached. The glue gun works well but is quite messy – I’ve never worked out how to avoid the little threads of glue that seem to want to attach themselves everywhere.

We’re having an early dinner as there’s a local communuity trust meeting tonight and I run out of time to fix the guitar…and the t-shirts still aren’t folded and bagged.

We eat, go to the meeting then come back and deal with a few bits and bobs of work before bed.