The folks that make the Dave Acari signature slides have sent me these hand-blown crystal slides to take to the NAMM Show. Nice.

LOTS on the to-do list today, starting with some poster artwork for my pal Preston Reed.

I get a draft version off then pickup on some of the other stuff needing done.

The postie brings some strings from Newtone Strings who make my ‘Dave Arcari’ signature guitar strings – a couple of sets for regular electric guitar and a couple fo spare sets of banjo strings too.

The power supply for my guitar effects case also arrives….it works perfectly and fits in the case fine – the input [lug for my wireless receiver kinda crashes into the main power box, but we’ll find a way to sort that in due course.

I have a wireless hard drive that I need to format and set up to we can take it to the US – it’ll be handy for storing and backing up video files. It’s wireless functionality went AWOL after a re-formatting session a while back, so it needs reformatted and set up to work with iPhones and iPad as well as laptops.

A courier drops off the Osmo Pocket. It’s arrival demands immediate attention and a quick test and mess around makes this a promising camera for capturing the upcoming trip.

In the studio I start running through my set lists for the US shows then it’s time to take a walk to our neighbour’s – she’s having a bunch of other folks and ourselves for dinner.

A grand night ensues and it;s nearly 2am when we get home.