LAST night’s indulgence takes its toll and we don’t wake up ’til late…then we sit in bed and drink coffee as we try to come to our senses.

We’re not long finished breakfast when Betty pops in for a coffee then I get on with some work before heading to the studio to rehearse the remainder of my set lists for the USA shows. Last gig was 6 December, so I need to make sure I’m ‘match fit’.

The Osmo Pocket has a phone plug on the side which allows more advanced camera control and, of course, the use of the iPhone’s big screen. While it fits well I wonder if a cable connection might, in some circumstances, be a wee bit better and remember I bought a extension lightning cable a few months ago. I tried it ouit and it didn;t seem to work so it went in a drawer in the studio.

I dig it out and try it first by connecting the iPad and Apple pencil…the iPad case doesn’t allow the pencil to be plugged into the lightning port, so every time it need re-paired it’s a pain in the ass. The extension cable does, however, fit through the case and lo and behold it works. It didn’t last time I tried!

Next, I try it with the wee lav mic I actually bought it for in the first place. I realise that one of the adaptors on the plug – despite looking the same – wasn’t allowing the mic to work with the phone. I take it off, replug the extension and…bingo!

The final test is with the Osmo Pocket. It works too. Happy days.

With the Scottish shows coming up at the end of February and us being away for the net wee while I need to prepare the news releases etc and gets some of them sent out now…and some scheduled for a week or so’s time.

I write the news release, lock up the office and head indoors to prepare the jambalaya, Mikey’s coming tonight so Margaret can make a start on his accounts and, hopefully, get ’em finished and his tax return lodged tomorrow. Talk about last minute!