I nip down to the lochside to say cheerio to the swans…and test the Osmo Pocket’s low light performance…

UP at a reasonable time so Margaret can get a good start on Mikey’s accounts and tax return.

In the office I get all the media stuff sorted for the Scottish shows at the end of February/beginning of March – some news releases need to go out now – others are set up and scheduled to go out when we get back so they don’t get lost in all the Celtic Connections stuff.

Next, I hit the studio, tidy up a little and try to record a demo of a new song. I’m in too much of a hurry, though, and the timing’s pretty poor which makes it difficult to work with.

With time now at a premium, I start preparing all the gear for the USA shows, pack it all up and transfer it all to the house for smooth getaway in the morning.

It’s after 7pm when Margaret finishes Mikey’s tax return and he heads back to Dundee.

We eat and nip along to see Betty and Joe for a quick drink and are back home for an early night and a decent start in the morning.