What do you do in Orange County? Pick up some fresh oranges of course!

DESPITE having gone to sleep around 6pm last night we sleep right through ’til 8am. Feel great 🙂

Quite a lot to get do today as the NAMM Show kicks off tomorrow (Thursday). With Margaret’s laptop and my iPad in the missing bag, I need to do my blog on the phone again…thankfully its all possible, but it’s a bit fiddly.

After breakfast I do a couple of Facebook livestreams and then we plan to go to a nearby – well, two bus rides and a fair bit of walking away.

Amongst other things, I plan a visit to the Apple Store..my old MacBook Pro at home is coming to the end of its life…and it’s done well for seven years. I’ve been holding off updating not just because we’ve no money, but I knew the updated models would be available now…and I can save a good amount ÂŁ3/400 by buying in the USA.

We also wanna get hold of a card reader for card sales and some other bits and bobs.

Credit card bust, we get back to AirBnB late afternoon and I start getting the new MacBook set up. Meantime, we plan for the days after the NAMM Show and decide to get a rental car on Monday for a week..that’ll solve the ‘getting downtown’ (25 miles and $50-70 taxi each way!) and back for Tuesday night’s show at The Redwood…we’ll have a runaround for the rest of next week and need a car to get up to Morro Bay a week on Saturday.

Margaret has some credits with Enterprise and reserves a car for a $88 for the week!

Meantime, I fight to set up an account with the card reader company – Square…despite having my cousin’s NYC address, a USA bank account and a USA social security number it won’t let me sign up. Grrrr….might try phoning them but I think the game’s a bogey as they say.

Our hosts come back from work and we have a blether. Our missing bag will hopefully be dropped off by 11pm so we can’t go out…Margaret wants to make sure everything’s intact before signing for it so it looks like we need two either get some food delivered of I’ll nip out and bring something in.

Drew suggests some good places to get grub and we decide on a nearby taco truck…Drew and Linda fancy that too so they drive along, I pick some beers and a load of tacos which we take back and eat together. Wonderful! Wish I’d taken some pix but we were all too hungry…and the tacos were too good! Big up to Rigoberto Bros Tacos.

We retire to our room and I carry on setting up the new MacBook Pro and we cross our fingers about the bag. Then, just after 11pm, the driver arrives with the bag. All is well 🙂

Beautiful weather as we explore Santa Ana