Fun playing with Doug Macleod and others on the National ResoPhonic booth…

UP sharp and after breakfast we walk along to get the bus to the convention centre for the first day of the NAMM Show.

The traffic’s crazy so we jump off the bus early then join the massive queue for registration. Thankfully the queue moves pretty quick and we’re in the convention centre by 11am.

We go straight to the National ResoPhonic booth where we meet up with our pal Catfish and some of the other folks playing on the booth – Doug Macleod, Steve James, Mike Dowling…as well as Shanon and Eric from National. Looks like its gonna be a fun few days.

After saying hello to everyone we nip out to grab some lunch, stop by G7th Capos and Reunion Blues Gig Bags – both of which I have artist deals – to say hello and back to the National booth to play and hang out.

We have a great afternoon and things come to a close around 6pm. I’m meant to be collecting a mic from someone but our plans haven’t crossed today to we’ll re-arrange for tomorrow.

It’s bedlam on the streets with so many folks – we nip along to House of Blues to see if we can drop my gear off for tomorrow’s (Friday) show in the morning before we hit the NAMM Show. That’ll be OK 🙂

We go for a drink while things calm down traffic-wise then get a bus back to Santa Ana, stop for some grub and are back at our AirBnB before 11pm.

Big day (and night!) tomorrow…