My USA west coast debut at House of Blues 🙂

WE get ourselves together sharp-ish this morning as we’ve got to drop all my gear off for tonight’s show at House of Blues before we go into the NAMM Show.

Before we leave I have a few bits and bobs of work to attend to, including some stuff for the upcoming community council elections back home.

It’s a bit of a slog carrying everything to the bus stop, manhandling onto the bus and then carrying from there up to House of Blues but we make it OK.

When we get to the National Resophonic Guitars booth I do a couple of quick livestreams to my Facebook page and profile.

We have a busy afternoon on the booth then make our way to House of Blues which is just a ten-minute walk away.

There’s an act on when we arrive and its a quick changeover but the sound guy is very helpful and all goes smoothly. Its a funky place, but the sound levels are kept so low its a bit frustrating. Still, all seems to go down well and it’s great to see our pals Jim and Lucretia along for the show along with a bunch of people we’ve met at NAMM over the last few days…and our AirBnB host Linda has brought some folks along too 🙂

After the show we relax with a drink and chat then Jim and Lucretia drive us back to our AirBnB, saving us the not inconsiderable hassle of manhandling everything back on the bus!

Playing one of my favourite new Nationals at NAMM…the all-metal Pioneer \../