Great to visit Norman’s Rare Guitars and shoot a video with our pal Sarah….

WE have a leisurely breakfast and I get some work done before we pack the car for today’s adventures.

First stop is Norman’s Rare Guitars on Ventura Boulevard to film a video with our pal Sarah Rogo. It’s about 60 miles from our AirBnB and although we don’t need to be there ’til 3.30pm

Just as well we leave early tho’ – not only is the LA traffic a nightmare, but a bump up ahead means at one point it takes us over an hour to drive two miles!

Sarah’s waiting for us at the store where there’s an amazing array of guitars…I elect for a 1930s National for our video session – a wee chat and an acoustic version fo Got Me Electric.

Tonight’s show is at The Redwood which is downtown LA. We pull up shortly after 6pm, load in and have something to eat.

First up is Johnny Wendell – a local legend whose punked up country tickles our ear. I’m up next.

It’s pretty quiet crowd-wise, but Sarah’s come along especially as has a pal from Michigan who happens to be passing through on business and a handful of other folks.

The Redwood’s a pretty cool venue – booker Eddie and barman Luke are good people too…but the engineer’s, let’s say, a little strange. Still, I have fun and there’s some nice compliments after the show.

Like the previous night, the drive back to Santa Ana is faster and relatively traffic-free. We stop at a supermarket for some supplies and are back. by midnight.