The Siren – my favourite venue of the west coast trip 🙂

AFTER a bit of a lie in I call radio host Abe Perlstein – we’ve arranged to meet for brunch before my show at The Siren.

Abe comes to our hotel around midday and takes us to a fantastic wee place by the harbour to eat…fish tacos. Mmmmm…

He takes us on a quick sightseeing tour of the town and drops us back at our hotel where we pic up the gear and make our way to The Siren.

As we pull up booker Monte arrives and helps us in with the gear and merch. What a fantastic venue..and we’re given a very warm we,lcome.

Some of the Bonneville Phantoms guys are already setting up and we chat as we get ready for the show.

There’s a great crowd in including folks from National Reso-Phonic and some of our new media pals when I kick off the first of my two sets. Next up, the Bonneville Phantoms play a spectacular set of rockabilly originals and favourites.

The its my turns again before the Phantoms finish off the programme and invite me onstage for their final of Cocaine Blues 🙂

Cocaine Blues with the The Bonneville Phantoms