An unscheduled visit to urgent care means we miss our flights home!

THE vomiting continues every half hour through the night and things get pretty nasty.

Margaret and Lecretia go to the pharmacy to try and get some meds…,but if there’s any chance of me getting on a plane in the next few hours I’m gonna need more drastic measures….and even if we don’t, I’ll need medical certification for any insurance claims.

Next stop is emergency care in Redondo Beach. Our host Jim whisks is there double quick – Margaret has to do all the form filling and pay all the costs up front….meantime, I can’t even muster the power to speak. The doc sees I’m in bad shape and it’s not to long before I’m on a drip and have a few other lines of stuff fired into me.

A few hours later we’re back at Jim and Lecretia’s. I’m only slightly better but the vomiting at least has stopped. I wake up around 8pm feeling quite a bit better and looks like I’ll be OK to fly tomorrow.

Meantime Margsret’s been trying to sort insurance and rearrange all the commitments we’ll miss on Thursday as we won’t be home in time.

She manages to re-book flights for tomorrow and I crash out….hopefully back to normal (whatever that may be!) in the morning…