I get a kosher salt and pepper rub on the brisket after trimming….

LOTS to get done today. Margaret’s sorting the insurance claim for my LA hospital visit and subsequent flight re-booking. Fingers crossed.

The Facebook video ad I set up yesterday is still ‘under review’. I suspect its because I added subtitles and Facebook won’t like the text content. I re-edit the video to take off the subtitles then spend some time adding captions within Facebook…I’m not so keen on that option as they often don’t seem to work!

In the studio I test the new Ear Trumpet mic and phantom power supply then spend some time working out the size of screen I’m gonna need to build for the projections at the local Memorial Hall show.

Back in the house I check out screen building materials – wood for the frame etc…I already have two Asda shower curtains (£2 each!) for the rear projection screen itself.

A message comes in saying the Facebook ad is approved and running ….so musta been the original video with captions that was causing the issue!

I do work some more on USA booking then hit the studio and edit some of the California video.

As always when I get ensconced in the studio, time flies – and Margaret’s making a stir fry for dinner when I get back to the house.

We relax for a while then I get the brisket from the fridge outside and spend an hour or so trimming it then adding a kosher salt and pepper rub. I let it sit while I fire up the smoker and get everything ready…the brisket goes on just before midnight…could take anything from 10 to 18 hours!

We watch telly and enjoy a bottle of red until 3am – I check the temperatures regularly then head to bed…

Brisket goes on the smoker just before midnight…hope its ready in time..