Surf clam salad with yuzu, lime, soy and agave dressing. Spectacular (tho’ I say so myself!)

I HAVE a PRS members’ fund meeting in Edinburgh and hit the road right after breakfast.

Once I’m done I pick up some shopping and roll up home just before 2pm.

For lunch I knock up a surf clam salad with a yuzu, lime, soy and agave dressing…been looking for alternatives to my usual surf clam seafood ramen or sashimi and this has turned out spectacularly well.

Margaret helps me stuff the big skins that have been soaking overnight with the Andouille sausage mix I made yesterday then the links are hung outside in front of a fan for an hour or so while I prepare the smoker.

Keeping the smoker at 120˚F without snuffing it out is difficult…then the idea is to creep the temperature up to 160˚F by the time the sausage is done – usually three or four hours.

Smoking underway I get the wood for my rear projection screen out with the intention of cutting it to size and painting it – but I end up chatting with a neighbour for a while and suddenly its dark!

Back indoors I do some USA tour planning and fire out some emails…California and the mid-West in July and August, then back in October for some East Coast shows.

By the time dinner’s ready the sausage has reached the right internal temperature. It comes out the smoker, sprayed with water and hung in front of a fan for another hour or so.

We eat dinner and watch a film, punctuated by a trip outside to move the sausage into the fridge, then have a relatively early night.

Andouille sausage has reached temperature on the smoker…now to spray with cold water, put in front of the fan for an hour and then refrigerate overnight…