Andres comes back on stage to join me for the final number..rather appropriately its Good Friend Blues 🙂

AFTER a huge breakfast we pack more stuff and head for the hall.

Once we’ve got the sound fairly under control we start on the next big project – building the screen for the back projection.

Flying the finished screen at the back of the stage is a challenge, but we get there eventually and the projections look like they’re gonna work and the two profile lights I set up as spotlights pick out the mic area nicely without affecting the brightness of the projection.

While Margaret and Andres put out tables and chairs and add tablecloths and candles I set up a couple of video cameras and some basic audio recording.

Six hours later we’re back at the house for some dinner…then back to the hall in time for doors opening.

The place is full when Andres kicks off proceedings…I’m really happy with the sound and ‘one mic’ approach and the lighting, stage and projections look as good, if not better, than I’d hoped.

Then night goes great and its like open huge party…everyone seems to have had a grand night, not least Andres and I.

After chatting with folks we spend an hour our so breaking down gear and packing, load the car with some stuff and make for home.

A few drams, pizza and some chat then we realise its after 3am….

Our mutual pal Jimmy Carlyle has come from Shetland for the4 show!