SOME more videos to be spread around social media…then I get on with the usual email, blog, social media routine before breakfast.

Margaret’s got some stuff to sort out for the local community trust and I hit the studio. The band that wanted me to put some banjo on one of their tracks are delighted and want some more sections added.

I’m just back in the house to make lunch when I get a message from the band’s manager…a couple of the band members have had second thoughts about adding banjo. She goes to pains to say that it’s not my playing and that the band has to have all members agreed before they do anything.

Of course this puts me in an awkward position. I’ve spent time working out parts, put out time in the studio and recorded parts initially requested, been asked for more and subsequently spent more time….I don’t wanna charge for stuff that’s not being used. On the other hand, I’ve spent time on it and there’s a point of principal. I suggest a compromised session fee which is agreeable by the still apologetic manager. I still feel a little mercenary, but offset it by reminding myself that they shouldn’t have engaged me before they made up their mind/s – and if the part wasn’t what they wanted (although it met with enough enthusiasm and approval to ask for more!) they could have pulled out before now.

Next job is to try out a bunch of different gauges of guitar string. I’m working with National ResoPhonic on an exciting, but secret (for now) project and need to experiment with different strings. ‘Nuff said for now…

We’ve been invited to join Betty and Joe for dinner and have a lovely relaxing evening… a real treat 🙂