As acoustic as it gets…No Easy Way at last weekend’s Memorial Hall show…

AFTER breakfast Margaret heads off to spend the day with Catriona and Freya.

I’m up to my ass in booking for the July/August west coast and mid-West USA tour and spend pretty much the whole day working on that.

In between times I get some upcoming shows listed on my website and various other listings sites/services.

Also, I create a social media banner to promote a Facebook livestream…I’m taking over Gig in the Goil Festival‘s Facebook page for a wee promo tomorrow (Sunday) at 6pm (UK time).

My pal Jamie’s meant to be coming this evening to start work on a wee collaborative project but he calls to say, for various reasons, he can’t come tonight and aims to be through tomorrow (Sunday).

I’ve got dinner started when Margaret gets home then edit another video from last weekend’s Memorial Hall show – see above or watch here.

We have dinner and have a quiet night watching some telly…