Facebook livestream takeover with Dave Arcari…

Posted by Gig in the Goil on Sunday, 10 March 2019

UP early as I’ve a few things to dot before Jamie arrives.

All’s good until about 10 minutes before he’s meant to be here when he calls to say the roads are a bit snowy and he ‘doesn’t to want to risk it’. I guess its all relative!

I’m a bit disappointed as out whole weekend has been put aside for this and then two consecutive cancellations. Ah well…

There’s plenty other stuff needing done and I’m busy with some online listings for future shows when Mikey rolls up. Margaret’s helping him sort out his domestic finances and bills which constantly cause him grief.

In the studio I record another demo of a song l’ve been working on for a while. I’ve been unable to let go of the main riff for a good while but the songs never really sat properly. I’ve messed with the lyrics countless times but it’s still never been right…today I change the vocal top line and phrasing and it seems to show some promise. I need to live with it for a while and work out if it really is better her its just ‘cos it’s a new approach..

I’m doing a Facebook livestream on the Gig in the Goil Facebook page at 6pm so set up a wee space in the hallway. I’d thought I’d do it outside but it’s cold, damp and light’s failing.

Live online I play a few songs and chat a little about the festival.

We have dinner then Mikey hits the road. I have a few things to do and then have an early night…I’m attending a local yoga class for the first time in the morning!