MY first yoga class this morning – I’m up early to get some work done and let my breakfast go down before the 9.30am start.

There’s eight or nine of us in the upstairs room at the village hall and I’m instructed just to follow the instructions but not push anything that feels uncomfortable. OK. The hour-long class goes by pretty quick and although I’m a bit stiff and struggle to keep my balance in some of the positions it’s quite low impact. And the five minutes or so of relaxation at the end feels great. I’ll go back.

Next stop is Glasgow to pick up some shopping. We’ve got folks coming for dinner tomorrow (Tuesday) so we need some supplies.

I’m back home by 2pm and, after lunch, I prepare the pork loin for the smoker by trimming it up adding rub and wrapping the whole thing in a bacon weave before putting it in the fridge ’til its time to cook.

Betty stops in for a coffee then I get on with some work – a Finland show has come in and, along with some other gigs, needs poster art done and some online listings set up.

The fire’s lit and I grab a guitar and mess with the song idea I’ve been pushing and pulling in the studio…I’m having a real problem pitching the start of the thing and it looks like the original top line might work. I just need to get the starting notes ingrained in my mind.

After dinner Margaret works on some festival submissions and I spend some time messing with Ableton Live – my interest piqued following the weekend’s non-starter collaboration on a possible EDM (electronic dance music) project…maybe I just need to grab it by the balls and do it on my owneo…