THERE seems to be more admin and routine stuff than usual this morning.

I finish getting through it when Margaret decides to go out for a run before the weather turns. After dropping some stuff in the post box I walk up tilt eh forest track to catch the runner on her couch to 5k outing.

We’ve got folks coming for dinner tonight – the bacon-wrapped pork loin only takes a few hours in the smoker, but it’s now blowing a gale and pouring rain.

While the smoker does its thing I edit up another video – Cherry Wine this time – from the Memorial Hall show and upload it to both Facebook and YouTube.

In the studio I record more vocals on the ‘new’ song and do a mix before our guests arrive.

Barbara and Thorsten arrive just after 7.30pm. The pork’s done and resting in faux cambro – we have a few beers while the other stuff cooks then we all sit down and eat. It’s nice to catch up…and probably drink too much. It’s nearly 2am when we finish the dishes and head to bed…