OOOFT…a bit delicate this morning. Really shouldn’t have drunk so much whisky last night, not least as I have a 9.30am meeting!

I manage through the two-hour meeting then carry on with my daily tasks. Some lunch, then an hour or so later another meeting at home – this time to do with the local community trust.

Once done, we listen to the song I re-recorded – for the umpteenth time – yesterday. Not happy with it…I go back to the studio and try again, but am slowly coming tot he realisation that the sone is just not for me.

Even if I do nail the vocal, I just don’t think it’s my style. But it’s hard to reject an idea and go back to square one when there’s no other ideas. Even moreso when I’ve been farting about with it for a couple of years!

Betty drops in for a coffee and I go back to the studio and mess about in the hope of sparking off some alternative ideas.

After dinner I work on a web proposal following this morning’s meeting then spend some time updating my biog – and subsequently my website and online promoters’ pack etc…