I’M busty with email dn my blog when we notice a red squirrel in the garden.

I go out to grab the Osmo Pocket camera and a tripod and, of course, it scarpers…but I set up the camera and wifi connection and go back into the house. A wee while later the squirrel re-appears and I grab some video of it raiding the bird-feeder.

There’s some mercy orders come in that need packed up then I do some work on logo ideas for Keiran before I start on his website.

After lunch I pack a guitar and some stuff then head into he studio in Glasgow to meet a Music+ student, stopping at the post office to drop off the march packages.

Once done at the studio I pick up some shopping and head for home…there’s some chicken to be trimmed and covered in rub for the smoker tomorrow (essential jambalaya ingredient!) then I make dinner.

We’re both knackered and after a late dinner we time up some loose ends and head off to bed.