WE’RE up at a reasonable time and Margaret takes Betty into Glasgow for a hospital appointment.

I get on with some logo design ideas for a web project I’m about to start then get the smoker fired up – I need smoked chicken for tonight’s jambalaya.

Margaret’s back at lunch time and, after having something to eat, we get on with some more work. I have a guitar idea that I’m keen too develop – especially having bombed out a song that I’ve been messing about with for ages.

I go out with Margaret on her couch to 5k run and when we get back the chicken’s ready to come out the smoker.

I’m keen to get some more fresh air and have a quick walk up the loch side. When I get back I start preparing the jambalaya – probably the most prep in any meal I cook, but once all that’s done it comes together easily and doesn’t need much attention – so its an ideal meal for guests.

Margaret’s made soup for a starter – and an apple pie for desert. Alastair and Karen arrive just after 7.30pm and we have. grinds night of food, drinks and chatter into the wee hours.