WE’RE a bit burst this morning but need to get ourselves together…we’re off to Catriona and Will’s to look after Freya.

There’s more snow on the roads than we expect but we get there on time and I take Catriona and Will to the station. They’re off to Edinburgh for the day and evening…and we’re looking after Freya.

We take Freya a walk…and for a haircut

We hang out at the house and I do some work on the laptop then we take Freya a walk to get a haircut.

Back at the house we have a bowl of soup then Margaret plays with Freya and watches the rugby…I fall asleep for a good hour or two!

I do a wee bit more work while Margaret baths Freya and puts her to bed then I make dinner. Catriona and Will have left us an M&S meal….and a nice belittle of wine.

After eating and clearing up we move to the living room and watch some telly before Catriona and Will get back.