My first attempt at a motion lapse video sequence.

THE video put up by Norman’s Rare Guitars in LA has gone ballistic – not exactly viral, but amazing reach by my standards!

I help it along a bit by sharing round Facebook and instagram. While I’m at it, I create some graphics for a wee Instagram campaign to promote my upcoming Netherlands ands Belgium dates.

I’m not so impressed with the results of my Spotify audio ad – the reach is reasonable, but at almost. tenner per click its not exactly a cost effective way to bro my Spotify audience. I may give it another bash with a different track, but I guess its really only useful for more mainstream artists.

After a bit of research I end up sticking with our current car insurance – despite the broker’s ‘admin’ fee almost doubling since last year. I’m still not happy, but don’t have the time to mess about about any longer.

In the studio I add another verse to a song idea and tweak a guitar idea for another song. Slow progress, but at least I’m putting some effort and time in.

As the daylight fades it’s looking like quiet a nice evening so I grab the Osmo Pocket and some accessories and take a walk up the loch side where I set up a motion lapse to capture the sunset in front of my favourite tree.

It works well, but I think for an even better result I need a flat calm loch and/or a much slower shutter speed (the time-lapse waves are a bit distracting to my eye) – and an hour-long period would give me a more practical 30-seconds of resulting video. Happy with the results from a first effort tho’ – check it out above or click here.

Back home there’s. bit of gig-booking and USA_centric work to be done before we can even think about making dinner. Its quite late when we eat then relax for a wee while in front of the telly.