Lovely day to eat outside for Mothers’ Day 🙂

WE’RE up early – the kids are coming for Mothers’ Day later…but Matty is coming early so he can go out for a run first.

After breakfast we get busy with some stuff. No Matty tho’…he arrives an hour and a half later than expected and has left his car in the village five miles away…so Margaret has to take him to pick up his car.

Meantime, I get the grill and the smoker ready and get the chicken on so it’ll be ready mid-afternoon.

Catriona, Will and Freya arrive on cue and we all sit outside with a drink. The chicken’s almost ready so I get the grill fired up and we get some burgers on.

We’ve finished eating and the coals on the grill are cold when Mikey finally rocks up sometime goer 5pm…a wee bit later than the agreed 2pm! The burger and chicken we saved wrapped in tin foil are still warm tho’…so he something to eat then we all move inside.

Everyone’s away early evening and we take a walk along to see Betty and Joe – we’ve already eaten our fill, but Betty’s supper is too good to pass 🙂