BREAKFAST and a little work are out the way when Martyn arrives to go out for a walk.

Been while since we enjoyed one of our Sunday wanders which have been curtailed recently by either or both of us being away of busy…and my plantar fasciitis hasn’t;t helped either.

We have a walk up the loch side and blether for a couple of ours then he heads off.

I’ve a few ‘nasties’ on the to-do list today. First up, is PRS (Performing Rights Society) gig returns. Then my accounts in preparation for my tax return.

Luckily I’ve kept both reasonably up to date so I mange to get on top of things by late afternoon. The tax return can wait until tomorrow.

I’ve a wee bit of work to do an some funding proposals for the local community trust so I get busy with that., one them out to the trustees to look over prior to Wednesday evening’s meeting then put on the dinner.