We go up the lochside to catch the last hour of light…it’s two years since my last ‘introduction to Dave Arcari’ video…time for an update!

I’D thought I could get straight on with my tax return this morning, but with some online merch sales to fulfil, I realise I haven’t put my online sales through the books!

It’s all a lot easier now with the WooCommerce stuff powering my online. shop. Reports, sales and everything make things a lot faster than trawling through Paypal. Still, there’s some faffing with that and also some other personal financial info before I can progress things.

Once I’m ready I log in to the HMRC website. or at least I try to. Despite having all the login info to hand, the verification phone call that’s meant to supply a login code is not forthcoming. Three times I try. Nada. Normally the call comes in within seconds of requesting the code. I give it 10/15-minutes each time.

Meantime, Catriona’s been here with Freya, gone for an ice cream with Margaret and is now heading off.

Looks like a nice evening later so we decide to film some footage for a new ‘introduction’ video. I think through the gear we might need, put battery packs on charge and have a think about what footage we’ll need. Once don’t he plan is to use it to augment and glue together a bunch of live video clips.

Margaret’s been having a hassle trying to book flights for the Estonia/Finland trip in May…everytime she gets to the payment screen the website crashes. She’ s on a web chat with the airlines Helpdesk, but they seem to be asking extra for the same flights. Weird. Anyway, she has to bail as we need to get up the lochside to catch the last hour before sunset for the filming.

I’d hoped to film at my favourite ‘Milarrochy tree’, but even at this late hour the car park’s full and there’s a bunch of photographers set up with tripods taking long exposure photos. So the game’s a bogey on that one. We move up the loch side a bit and set up to grab some video.

It’s late when we get home and I leave the camera dumping video onto the Mac while I get dinner ready. The footage isn’t quite as I envisaged. We might have to give it another shot…I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve gone through it all properly tomorrow.