Beautiful evening to do some grillin’… 🙂

THE phone rings just after 5am. It’s Catriona. Thankfully nothing terrible happened/happening, but she’s had sickness and diahorrea all night, Will needs to leave for work at 7am and she needs some help with Freya.

Margaret gets dressed and heads off. I’m wide awake, so jump in the shower and am finished breakfast soon after 6am. Means I can spend some time going through last night’s video footage to see if we need a re-run tonight.

As I work through the video rushes it looks like we’ve got enough reasonable shots in the bag, so we don’t need to re-do it. I spend the next few hours pulling out the best shots and syncing the sound.

Margaret’s back soon after 9am having taken Freya to the childminder and made sure Catriona’s OK. Makes sense for Catriona to have kept her distance from Freya in case its a bug rather than something she ate.

I have an hour long phone meeting at 10am then we have a coffee and look through the video footage together to check its OK and narrow the selection of shots down a little further. Quite how I’ll pull it together with some live footage I don’t know…

In the studio I go through some archive video to identify some potential live stuff and stick it on a hard drive to get dumped into the video editor along with the new footage.

I need a walk, though – and decide to mount the Osmo Pocket on a GoPro chest mount to try and make a time-lapse of the walk up the loch side.

It works in a kind of a way but its pretty much a learning process. I abandon the idea and hit the studio to record a demo version of a new song.

It’s after 7pm when I’m done and Margaret;s about to go out on a couch to 5k run so I get my boots on and go with her.

Back home I light the grill, open. beer and get some burgers on the go. It’s been a long day…