WE’RE off into Glasgow early…eye hospital appointment first thing.

The wait’s a bit longer than usual – I’m always surprised when ‘the first appointment’ is often a good hour after schedule. I understand how things come up and some appointments take longer as the day goes on usually creating a backlog, but for this to be the case from the very start of the day always mystifies me.

Anyway, after two months off the steroids the frustrating – but unsurprising – news is the uveitis is still active. So back on ’em.

My eyesight’s out of commission for the next few hours so Margaret’s driving. I have a PRS members’ fund visit then we have a bunch of shopping to do.

In between times I manage to get a haircut from Scott at my favourite Soul Barber Room.

It’s nearly 5pm by the time we’re home and start getting the shopping away. We’re having an early dinner as there’s a n local community trust meeting tonight. Margaret makes a batch each of bolognese and chilli with the mince we’re just bought then sort the agendas and supporting stuff for tonight’s meeting.

I spend a little time on the new ‘intro’ video before going back to the house and dishing up the dinner.

Buy the time the meetings finished and we’ve had a glass or two of red it’s after 11pm and we wander home along the lochside.