RECORD Store Day. And I didn’t get any promo done yesterday, so first job is to edit up a wee promo for my vinyl that’s available at Love Music in Glasgow.

Once its done, posted and shared I make a batch of salsa…Catriona, Will and Freya are coming for dinner and to stay over and I plan breakfast burritos for tomorrow (Sunday’s) breakfast. They need salsa!

Once done I chop some chorizo and grate some cheese and store it in the fridge to minimise messing about in the morning.

With three shows coming up in Netherlands and Belgium I need to make ups et lists and rehearse a bit. Haven’t played a show in over a month.

I run through the banjo songs and sit in the sun messing around with the banjo for a while before hitting the studio and recording another demo of a new song I’m working on.

I’m just finished when Catriona arrives with Freya. She’s come early so Margaret can look after Freya while she gets some work done.

Margaret and I take Freya a walk to Betty and Joe’s. The road to the old pier has a ‘police line – do not cross’ barrier, but we need to to get to Betty and Joe’s!I leave Margaret there and go to investigate…we’d heard a few sirens earlier. There’s a couple fo fire engines and someplace activity but nothing to see. I climb Craigie Fort for a better view…looks like there’s a wee fire on one of the islands.

Back home I scan an old booklet of local forest walks and digits a CD of bedtime songs for Freya then Will rolls up.

We have a beer and a blether then Freya is put to bed and we have dinner. A grand night 🙂