Netherlands/Belgium videoblog – day five.

WE’RE up and packed by 10am and hit the road, stopping at a McDonalds for some breakfast.

It’s a couple of hours’ drive to Ijmuden (the ferry port at Amsterdam) and we stop at ‘The Wall’ – a big shopping centre outside Utrecht to visit MediaMarkt. We need descaler for our coffee machine which is hard to get in the UK…and expensive.

We get the descaler and have a look round, ending up with a mincer as well. That’s rock’n’roll for ya!

Another stop near the ferry port to pick up some supplies at a supermarket then we get on board and find our cabin.

We visit guest services to see about the toilet bag we left on the outward journey and are told to call North Shields. We do just that, and it seems our lost property is there 🙂

We’ll pick it up when we get off the boat in the morning.