We get the grill going and cook some burgers…

EVERYONE’S up at a reasonable time…I get some work done in the office then leave everyone eating breakfast and I go to my yoga class.

While in the village I go to the psot office to drop off some merch orders. I’ve printed and stuck on ‘click & drop’ postage and am surprised – after waiting in the queue to find out “we can’t take that”…!! I explain I’ve never had this problem before…and when i say I’ll just cram it in the post box I’m told “well, you can try that, but…”

I don’t argue, go to the post box and tuff the packages in. Back home I check the Royal Mail click & drop website, conditions etc and can’t see why there’s a problem.

Krista, Henk and Jonathan head off to do some sightseeing for the day and I start work planning the release of Brexit Blues…schedueld for Friday 7 June. I have a problem getting the audio file to upload to my aggregator, though..so fire off an email to find out what’s happening.

In the studio I do a quick livestream about the song then go back to the house for some lunch.

Next job is to sort out some artwork. It’s a digital-only release, but still needs artwork. I have an idea and go to the studio and set up o take a selfie to include in the design.

Our guests return about 6.30pm. We’ve been invited along to Betty and Joe’s for an aperitif so head along to see them and enjoy a couple of pre-dinner drinks.

Back home I get some charcoal lit and the grill going and we cook some home-made burgers…once again we sit, eat, drink and talk into the wee hours…