MY eNewsletter goes out automatically as scheduled…and we all have breakfast before Krista, Henk and Jonathan leave for the airport.

The mailbox debacle continues as I leave messages with a receptionist to no avail. I have neither the time, not patience, to pursue the matter further right now.

I’ve been having problems with the audio file upload for Brexit Blues and discover that somehow the bit rate has been corrupted. I eventually get it done

My Fitbit wristband strap broke durjng the night. I have a quick scout round Amazon and find a replacement for a fiver, including postage. Done!

Betty and Joe drop by for a coffee and invite us round for some grub later.

I chase the mailbox folks yet again. No joy. Surprise.

There’s another new song idea – well, guitar bit – and mess with it a while in the studio before shutting up shop and returning to the office to tie up a few loose ends.

There’s some merch orders to be packed up so I sort that out and we drop them int he post box on the way to Betty and Joe’s.