WE’RE under a bit of pressure work and deadline-wise so try nd sort out a plan over breakfast.

I hit the office and Margaret heads off to Catriona’s to help her make a cake for Freya’s birthday…we’re all going there to celebrate her first birthday tomorrow.

There’s a fair amount of work to do to promote the upcoming Estona/Finland shows, particularly the one at Von Krahl in Tallinn on Sunday 26 May.

I have a Facebook promotion set up on that show and spend some time sending info out to Tallinn’s tourist guides and visitor/what’on websites.

I call Betty to see if she wants to pop along and check out the first draft of her photos project…and we need to see if we can sort Joe’s buggy. They arrange to come along shortly, meantime I mess with he buggy and get it going.

Photo project complete and a coffee later Betty and Joe head off…but the buggy only moves couple of feet and stalls. Mmmm…??!?!??

Betty calls our pal David who comes for a look. On further investigation it looks like a safety/breaker switch under the seat is broken and perhaps that’s what’s causing the problem.

Margaret’s back soon after 7pm. I mess with the guitar a while then we have dinner, watch some telly and have an early night.