Happy first birthday Freya…

IT’S Freya’s first birthday today and there’s a wee party at Catriona and Will’s.

First, I have a little work to do and then I mange a quick walk up the lochside before its time to head off.

We arrive just after 1pm and the party is ready to go…it’s a great afternoon and lovely to see everyone. There’s loads of grub – stuff from the grill and a table groaning with salads and other goodies. And a fantastic cake made by Catriona and Margaret yesterday.

I’m on photo duties and try to grab some snaps of proceedings. Lesley has gifted us her wee compact camera…same as our broken one. Very kind of her, so I put it to use for the pix.

By 7.30pm we’re home and I spend a few hours going through the photos and putting a bunch online for Catriona and Will.