WE’RE not long finished breakfast when the phone rings…someone needing some urgent help with their Mac/iPhone…I arrange to go and see them at midday.

With just an hour or two before then, I dash into the studio and do some work on a new song I was hoping to finish today. I get four verses finished, but they need tidied up and I’d like to add a chorus or middle eight.

I get a fix underway with the neighbour then go home. To cut a long story short, the Apple support folks want us to try something using a different wifi network, so he’s gonna come to our place in an hour or so.

Meantime, we have lunch and I get a little more work done then we carry on with the computer/phone fix before I have to back to our pal’s house to finish putting in place some fo the stuff needed to fix the problem.

The day is almost done by the time I get back…and we’ve been invited along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner.

First, though, I wanna try a Facebook livestream using green screen. There’s a bit of fanning around, b ut eventually we get there and it goes pretty well.

We have a nice evening with our pals then get home for an early night.