I HAVE a coaching session …I get my blog and various other tasks out of the way, have breakfast, then fire up Skype…except I don’t – I got got the app’s not reinstated on the ‘repaired’ laptop.

As I’m reinstalling, a Skype video call comes through on my phone…I explain I’ll be up and running on the laptop in a minute or two. He calls back and we have an interesting and motivating session.

The coaching programme is being run via Help Musicians (Scotland) and I’m lucky enough to have been chosen as one of eight participants.

I’m planning on debuting the forthcoming Brexit Blues single at Sunday’s show in Glasgow, so need to run through it and start trying to learn the words….so I hit the studio and do just that – and try and tidy up another new song that’s in the works. I need to rehearse my entire set for Sunday too, but that’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow.

In the office I start back on the booking software r the July/August USA tour and experiment with some systems to confirm details with venues. In the end, I decide that a plain and simple email asking a bunch of questions is the best way!

A late afternoon walk up the lochside relieves cabin fever then I get home and carry on with some planning.

Margaret finally gets a response from the mailbox folks. They say I didn’t renew in December. That’s bollocks…I have the email invoice from 5 December – and my online banking payment receipt from 9 December. She emails copies to the company.

Now, it appears, the business centre management is changing. meantime, they say, they’ll forward any mail to our home address. We’re skeptical, especially as the mail has been returned to sender! I send myself a letter to see what happens…watch this space…

It’s well after 9pm when I dish up the green curry and we’re ready to shut up shop for the day…