NOT long finished breakfast and we become aware my website’s not working properly. All other plans are axed and a rescue attempt kicked off.

To make matters worse, the Black Magic UltraStudio box I use for live-streaming has suddenly stopped working. I spend more than an hour trying to get it working – different cables, computers, drivers. Everything. No joy.

Eventually I call Black Magic support and it appears the box is ‘bricked’ for no apparent reason and will need to be reset by the service folks. I have to dig out my proof of purchase, fill in a. huge fault reporting form and await a special return label.

No a good day for making progress on anything.

I eventually get into the studio to rehearse my set for Sunday night’s show in Glasgow then set up a bunch of ‘selfie’ photos as potential graphic elements for a website revamp.

Matty’s doing a run up Ben Lomond tomorrow and is coming to stay tonight. I sort dinner then we eat and sit and chat for the rest of the evening.