I GET through as much work as I can before I head off for a 10am appointment to fix someone’s iPhone/iMac/Apple ID issues.

Thought I’d just be an hour, but it takes two…and with a subsequent download/install indicating its gonna be more than an hour, I suggest I go away and come back in a couple of hours.

Back home I get the laptop out the office and into the garden and put together a news release for the Brexit Blues single…I’ve had a few radio requests but wanted to hold back until I had Spotify pre-save and iTunes pre-order links up and running.

Once the news release is written I start firing it off to radio folks. I only get a little way through before its tome to go back and work on the iMac fix. The Apple ID and iPhone were sorted earlier.

I’m away another two hours, so my task list for the day is pretty well untouched. I do some stuff in the studio then take a wee while out for an ice cream with Betty and Joe.

Although the BlackMagic box I use to connect cameras to the computer is goosed – I’m still waiting for return instructions etc from BlackMagic support – I decide to do a Facebook Livestream using the laptop’s webcam to introduce the revamped website.

Back in the office I finish sending out the news releases to radio and get November’s Scottish shows online and onsite.

By this time its after 8pm and I’d said to Margaret we’d eat around 8pm! She comes out and lights a chimney-full of charcoal and we prepare the grill for some burgers.

At last we eat then watch a documentary about Scottish dart player Jocky Wilson on catchup. A sad tale, really.