AFTER breakfast we have a meeting to discuss priorities and tasks for the day.

Top of my list is juggling the West Coast section of the upcoming. USA tour…some bookings have fallen through and I need to rearrange some other things. Before I can do that we need to agree best plan and get flights booked.

We work out our best arrival destination – its going to work better flying to Denver, Colorado then driving to the west coast before back to Colorado, on to the mid-West and back to Denver than flying to LA. Overall the distances are the same – just slightly different logistics.

With the travel plans in place, I contact some of the promoters involved int he first section of the trip.

After lunch I work on advancing the shows that are already confirmed for the tour then head out for a walk and some fresh air.

The re-organisation of the first part of the USA trip has a silver lining in that a Colorado pal who’s organising a home concert has also been able to add me to a show at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre with The Yawpers…a USA-based band that I’d been asked to play with in Glasgow next week but had to turn down as I’m playing in Finland.

I have a wee job to do for Betty and Joe and want to have it done before we go along to theirs for dinner later. Needs a wee bit off research but its fairly straightforward.

In between times I juggle some other jobs and admin until it’s time to head to our friends where we have dinner, a few glasses of red and a lovely evening all round.