Main stage fun at Gig in the Goil…and an early airing for Brexit Blues

FIRST job after breakfast is re-stringing the guitars for today’s Gig in The Goil festival show.

Once done, I go back tot he office and get a few things done – it’s World Whisky Day, so I really wanna use it as a hook to share round my Whisky Trail song video and Spotify links.

Back in the studio, the guitar strings have had a wee while to settle in to their tuning and I pack the gear.

Lochgoilhead isn’t far as the crow flies, but it’s a fair bit further by road – up the other side of the loch, then over some spectacular hills and mountains.

There’s a good crowd in for the first section of my set, then it thins out a bit, then builds again in the last part…I guess that’ the problem with having a bunch of stages and overlapping stage times – folks wanna try and catch a bit of everyone. Its fun tho’ 🙂

I have ten minutes after I finish to get up to the VIP Lounge where I’m billed to play a half-hour stripped back set. The place is full and rather than fart about with what seems to be an under-powered PA system, I decide to do a completely unplugged set in the middle of the floor…I’m probably louder than the PA anyway…and it goes great.

Back home we relax with a drink before bed. We’re all puggled.

Live outside broadcast for Dunoon Community Radio